Write Content that Works.

Audiences tuning you out?

Dread writing presentations?

Just can't organize your thoughts?

Wish people wanted to hear you speak?

Then PLOT is for You. 

Content is King! 

Finally, a System to make writing it easy.

Great content is the key to a great presentation or speech. But how do you write great content without wasting hours and dreading the process? 

This course teaches you a simple, powerful system to write powerful presentations that audiences want to hear. 

And, with our Quick Content templates, it's as simple as filling in the blanks.

You'll learn how to:

  • Be clear, concise, and get results!

  • Create "WOW" openings to grab attention

  • Give the audience what they need


  • Save time

    Fill-in-the-blank templates dramatically cut your writing time.

  • Gain confidence

    When you know your words are powerful, YOU'LL be powerful.

  • Get results

    Your words will move your audience to action.

What students say:

by Jim L.

"Clear & Concise"

by Jim L.

"Very informative course—a lot of information packed into a very clear and concise package. Great supplemental resources!"
Julie M.

"A roadmap"

Julie M.

"A very simple and useful course, that you can use as a roadmap...basic principles to creating a presentation, not a boring report. Thanks!"
George K.

"Real world examples"

George K.

"This is a great course for both the first-time presenter or for those wanting to improve their skills. Mike provides clear instructions and real-world examples that make the whole process easy to follow and understand."

Here's what you get:

30+ Lessons, all HD video

  • PERSONAL Coaching

    One-on-one with a presentation pro & excellent teacher!

  • Concentrated

    2 hours of concentrated knowledge

  • Quick

    Lessons ~2 minutes each

  • Reinforced learning

    30+ quick quizzes to make learning stick

  • Hands-on

    20 assignments from the real world

  • Practical demos

    Walk you through the process, every step of the way.

  • Fill-in-the -blank Templates

    Save you time, every time you write a presentation!

Take the course, write YOUR presentation!

Have a presentation coming up? 

Use this system to write your own content

Finish the course with a completed presentation, ready to deliver! 

Or, use our samples to learn the process quickly and easily.

This stand-alone course covers Skills 1, 2 & 3 of Presentable U. 

At the end of the course, 
you'll know the fastest way to write effective presentations.

Take the class, get coached, write YOUR presentation

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Take the class, get coached, write YOUR presentation

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Just imagine how easy learning to write great content will be with personal, 1-1 coaching from the teacher.

Ask any question you want! Get exactly the coaching you need.

Absolutely the BEST way to get the presentation skills you need.

EXTRA Bonus material

Included at no cost:

  • Templates

    No wasted time! A set of forms you can use every time you write a presentation.

  • Step by Step Demos

    No guesswork! See exactly how to write great content.

  • Presenter's Journal

    Just fill in the blanks to become a success.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is this course worth it?

  • Precise

    Public speaking courses give you tips.
    PresentableU gives you a system to streamline the presentation process.

  • Personal

    You’re unique. Why learn generic 'techniques?'
    We'll help you develop the presentable YOU!

  • Proven

    Why rely on Youtube "experts?"
    Mike has been working with world class presenters for 30 YEARS.
    You'll learn the best practices of the best presenters in the world.

What do you have to lose...

...except time wasted, bad presentations and missed opportunities?

See what's Brewing!
What do you have to lose...

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About your Instructor

  • Mike Vayda

    Founder & Senior Instructor

    Mike Vayda

    I promise to bring you content that is proven and practical, and courses that are professional and enjoyable. I've been working with presenters and presentations around the world for decades as a Coach, Trainer and Consultant. This course is designed to give you the skills you need quickly, with no wasted time. I'll teach you to deliver your message with confidence...and enjoy the journey! ~ Mike . P.S. Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Course curriculum

Expert knowledge in ~2 minute video Lessons

  • 2
    Introduction: Why You Need This Course.
    • So...how long will this course take?
    • i. Presenting is Broken. FREE PREVIEW
    • Checkup
    • Assignment
    • ii. Why Mike?
    • Checkup
    • Assignment
    • iii. What is a World Class Presenter?
    • Checkup
    • Assignment
    • iv. What Will You Gain?
    • Checkup
    • Assignment
    • v. Where We're Going
    • Checkup
    • Assignment
    • Kickoff Call Time
  • 3
    D1. Define Clearly
  • 4
    1. OWN: How to Get What You Want
    • 09. A Story of Passion
    • Checkup
    • Assignment
    • 10. What are the Benefits?
    • Checkup
    • Assignment
    • 11. The Presenting Whys FREE PREVIEW
    • Checkup
    • 12. The Third Why
    • Checkup
    • 13. What if I Have No Why?
    • Checkup
    • Assignment
    • 1 OWN Template
    • 14. DEMO: How to Find Your Whys
    • 15. OWN Review: Getting What You Want
  • 5
    2. BE: How to Give Them What They Need
  • 6
    3.1 PLOT: How to Build a Powerful Presentation
    • 25. Why PLOT your Presentation? FREE PREVIEW
    • Checkup
    • Assignment
    • 26. Plotting an Adventure
    • Checkup
    • Assignment
    • 27. What are the Benefits? FREE PREVIEW
    • Checkup
    • Assignment
    • 28. What Does PLOT Look Like?
    • Checkup
    • Assignment
    • 29. PLOT Overview
    • Checkup
    • Assignment
    • Plot Points Worksheet
    • 30. Problem & Solution
    • Checkup
    • Assignment
    • 3 Problem & Solution Template
    • 4 My Presentation Plot Template
    • 31. DEMO: Creating Your Problem & Solution
    • 32. Questions
    • Checkup
    • 33. Question Benefits
    • Checkup
    • Assignment
    • 5 Questions & Answers Template
    • 34. DEMO: Creating Your Questions
  • 7
    3.2 PLOT: A Journey Worth Taking
    • 35. The Rule of Threes
    • Checkup
    • 36. Rule of Threes Guidelines
    • Checkup
    • Assignment
    • 37. DEMO: How to Choose Your Best
    • 38. Answers: Research, Simplified
    • Checkup
    • Assignment
    • 39. DEMO: Presentation Research the Simple Way
    • 6 Research Template
    • 40. The Wrap Up
    • Checkup
    • 41. The "In"
    • Checkup
    • 42. The "Out"
    • Checkup
    • 43. PLOT: What are the Benefits?
    • Checkup
    • Assignment
    • 44. DEMO: Completing Your PLOT
    • Assignment
    • ++END OF POWER TRACK DAY 7. Course Complete!++
    • What's Next?

Just imagine.

Knowing your presentations will get results.

Enjoying sitting down to write a presentation.

Organizing your thoughts into actionable words.

Communicating your information, in an interesting way.

Writing a presentation by just filling in the blanks.

Whether you present with PowerPoint or without, you can write content that audiences love. 

This course will teach you.

At the end of the course, you'll know the fastest way to write effective presentations.