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...Write a powerful presentation. Plot is the answer.

...Make great PowerPoint. PowerPoint is your ticket to success.

...Give my presentation with confidence.  Presence is the secret weapon.

...Write, make & give a presentation that wows them.  Head right to the Master Class.


With personalized, 1-1 coaching from Mike, the creator and teacher! 

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  • Why is Presentable U the BEST online presenting skills course?

    It's Personal. You get a Kickoff call from Mike (the creator & instructor) AND one hour of free, personal coaching from Mike. Included in the price! It's Modular. Take all three or learn just the one skill you need most.

  • Wait. Do I REALLY get to work personally with the instructor?

    Yes, you do. Everyone knows the best way to learn is one-on-one. That's why it's included in the course cost.

  • How long will this course take?

    Each Module is about 2.5 hours of learning. Follow our 7 Day Power Track and finish in about 30 minutes a day. (If you have a deadline, you can also binge it like Netflix.) Don’t forget, you can watch on your timetable, pausing and repeating as many times as you want.

  • What makes the instructor qualified?

    Mike has worked personally with successful presenters around the world for decades. He's taught thousands of people just like you to be successful. Presentable U is time-tested knowledge.

  • What if I don't use PowerPoint?

    If you give speeches without PowerPoint, the PLOT and PRESENCE Modules are perfect for you.

  • Is Presentable U PRACTICAL or just "tips n' tricks"?

    Each module is designed from the ground up to give you RESULTS. You can even create your own presentation. And with 1-1 coaching from Mike, you're guaranteed to succeed!

  • What’s the course like?

    Each all-video Lesson averages less than 3 minutes. Checkups gently quiz you on what you need to remember. Assignments are 100% hands-on, where you actually DO the work of a confident presenter. And don't forget the PERSONAL COACHING at no extra charge!

  • What if I take the class and don't like it?

    If you don't think the course is worth the cost, we'll refund your money.

  • What do I have to lose?

    Nothing! Except wasted time and opportunities. Try Presentable U for free, right now. (You won’t regret it!)

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